"Together We Must Ensure that all Children have Safe Neighborhoods to grow up in, that our Economy and Currency are Strong with Good Jobs for Everybody, and that our Constitutional Rights are Protected and Preserved."

Our Constitution is Our Strength

Let's all work together with civility and common sense to protect and uphold our Constitution and to ensure that our rights are protected and restored, and that our economy and educational systems are working for everybody.

Erik Olsen is Endorsed by the Honorable Scott Klug, former Congressional Representative for Wisconsin's Second Congressional District

"I am convinced that Erik Olsen will work constructively and effectively with everybody to ensure that we enjoy safety, that our economy, our jobs, and our currency are strong and fair, and that our liberty is protected. I fully endorse Erik Olsen. If elected he will be an asset to our US Congress."

The Honorable Scott Klug, Former Congressional Representative for Wisconsin's Second Congressional District.

Term Limits

For far too long, Congress has been an insider's game. Many of the congresspeople have been in their positions for far too long. We need Term Limits now. Term Limits would reduce corruption, ensure a steady flow of new voices and new ideas, foster vigorous debate, and counterbalance the incredible advantages that incumbents enjoy. The top goal of my campaign is to institute term limits in the US Congress because putting term limits in place would automatically fix, or at least improve, many of the other problems facing our country today.


I have never held public office before.
  • Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

  • Law School, University of Wisconsin Madison.

  • Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology UW Madison.

  • Protecting property rights for over seventeen years in Wisconsin and Federal Courts.

  • Appeared three times before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and once before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Reduce the National Debt

The national debt is currently somewhere above $31.2 TRILLION dollars. This works out to approximately 125% of the gross domestic product and is approaching $100,000 per citizen. To put it bluntly: we are in danger because we are spending too much. The future of the United States is in danger because we are spending ourselves into oblivion. We need to reduce the debt now, or we risk losing our future.

Education Reform

Education is one of the foundations of citizenship. It’s time to ensure that all of our youth learn and excel in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math. We must teach our kids how to think, not what to think. We spend an enormous amount of money on failing schools. It’s time to fix our schools!

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the foundation of democracy. Our culture has wandered into a swamp of “political correctness” and “cancel culture” we must refocus on the idea that free speech and vigorous debate should always be welcomed even when we don’t totally agree. Free speech and a free press are two of the most precious and important rights that we hold dear.

The United States of America is a Shining Light of Freedom

Sometimes we can be overly critical of the United States and not remember that but for the United States of America much of the light of liberty that shines in the world today would not exist. The United States of America is a great force for good in the world. We need to repeat and remember this always. As a country, we need to embrace and cherish our wonderful Constitution and our constitutional rights which include freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms. We should always seek to improve ourselves, our Country, and the state of our union, however we must also remember our great history and always be grateful that as Americans we truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

The United States of America and the Second Amendment

The United States of America is radically different than other countries that came before it because in the United States of America the sovereign is not a king, queen, president, or dictator. In the USA We The People rule. The right to keep and bear arms is the defining characteristic of the sovereign. In the legend, King Arthur did not pull a crown out of the stone, he pulled a Sword from the stone. We The People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms is absolute because in America We The People are the sovereign, we are the kings and queens. The politicians and employees of government are our servants, even though that often seems to be forgotten. Nevertheless, the defining characteristic of the sovereign is the sword. That is why We The People’s right to keep and bear Arms must be protected in the absolute.

Rebuild American Industry and Jobs

Millions of Americans live in areas that have been hollowed out because their jobs were shipped overseas in the name of "free trade" which really was an abandonment and betrayal of hardworking American families who had built their lives around the factories and jobs that our government was so quick to sacrifice on the altar of quick profits and cheap merchandise. People were quick to turn their backs on the working Americans who could no longer afford their mortgages. Great countries and great economies are more than just large stores filled with cheap stuff. An economy is great when everybody has a chance to participate in a meaningful way. Although regulation should be as limited as possible, it is the government's job to make sure that appropriate and well thought out tax and incentive structures are in place so that corporate decision makers choose to build great manufacturing facilities and to create great jobs here in the United States. Our government has failed working Americans, and during the pandemic, when the supply chains broke, we found out that we were all hurting from the total lack of capacity to produce the things we need here in the USA. It's time to fix this now.

Call to Action!!!

On June 15th, 2022, Vince's Pizza https://vincesrestaurantmonroe.com/ a venue that was designated to host an event for the Barry campaign was vandalized apparently with the intent of intimidating the business owners and the campaign. The nearby Dollar General was apparently also vandalized.
This is unacceptable and must be CONDEMNED in the strongest possible way. Businesses must always be free to host events without fear of vandalism or retribution, and people must be free to run for office without fear of intimidation, harassment, or violence.

One of our great strengths as a Country is that we can participate in politics without fear. From putting a bumper sticker on one's car, to putting a yard sign in one's yard, to attending a protest or running for office, everybody should know that they can participate in these activities without fear of violence.

Make no mistake - vandalizing a building is a form of violence. It is a form of attempting to intimidate the business to not to hold political events, and a form of attempting to intimidate the campaign and the candidate not to participate in politics.

A lot of the problems that we are currently facing in this Country come from the fact that as a group we are not condemning political violence strongly enough. Political violence is like a disease, and there are no words strong enough to say that IT MUST STOP. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. IT IS UN-AMERICAN.

Please take action and write to your local press to condemn this act of political violence, and also to demand and confirm that all political violence is totally UNACCEPTABLE and has no place in our Country, in our political process, or in our democracy. We may at times feel passionate about our ideas or even think that we are morally correct, however this never justifies political violence. IT MUST STOP.


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