Endorsements of Erik Olsen Candidate for US Congress

"Together We Must Ensure that all Children have Safe Neighborhoods to grow up in, that our Economy and Currency are Strong with Good Jobs for Everybody, and that our Constitutional Rights are Protected and Preserved."

Erik Olsen         

The Honorable Scott Klug, former Congressional Representative for Wisconsin's 2nd Congressional District

"I am convinced that Erik Olsen will work constructively and effectively with everybody to ensure that we enjoy safety, that our economy, our jobs, and our currency are strong and fair, and that our liberty is protected. I fully endorse Erik Olsen. If elected he will be an asset to our US Congress."

The Honorable Scott Klug, Former Congressional Representative for Wisconsin's Second Congressional District has Endorsed Erik Olsen.

State Senator Stephen L. Nass State Senate District 11

"I've known Erik for several years, honest, integrity, great guy. Getting him through will make a huge difference!"

State Senator Stephen L. Nass has Endorsed Erik Olsen.

Dr. Peter Theron former Candidate for US Congress 2nd Congressional District

"I support Erik Olsen for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District. As a former 2nd District candidate, I know what is needed to connect with voters in this district. Erik will both motivate conservatives and win new voters to the Republican ticket. Erik has been a property-rights attorney for over a decade and a half. As such he protects individuals from government takings, either preventing the taking or ensuring just compensation. Erik is an articulate conservative and a forward thinker. I believe he will be a strong advocate for conservative principles and a great addition to the Republican ticket. Erik Olsen has my complete support. "

Dr. Peter Theron has Endorsed Erik Olsen.

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